Table 1

Baseline patient characteristics of patients eligible for diabetes screening (n = 15,557)*

Overall populationBy risk groupP value
High riskNot high risk
High-risk factors
 Age ≥45 years866687<0.001
 High-risk ethnic group4
 Polycystic ovarian syndrome<1<1<10.703
 Vascular disease109110.118
Primary care specialty0.003
 Internal medicine46244
 Family practice54252
Number of visits, mean§
 Primary care visits9.13 (5.75)10.78 (6.45)9.06 (5.71)<0.001
 Specialty care visits5.82 (7.10)5.51 (7.28)5.83 (7.09)0.280
  • *Values represent percentages unless otherwise specified, and numbers in parentheses indicate standard deviations;

  • †high-risk factors generated from the ADA screening criteria, as defined previously (6);

  • ‡primary care specialty determined for each patient by specialty in which the majority, or all, of their primary care visits occurred;

  • §number of primary care, specialty, and total visits is mean number of visits per patient over the time period 1 January 2005–31 December 2007.