Table 1

Relationship of severe hypoglycemia to mortality outcome in recent clinical trials assessing intensive glycemic control

Clinical trialIncidence of severe hypoglycemia (%)Mortality during study (% per year)HR
 Standard glycemic control5.0
  No severe hypoglycemia1.0
  Severe hypoglycemia (≥1 episode)4.9
 Intensive glycemic control15.9
  No severe hypoglycemia1.3
  Severe hypoglycemia (≥1 episode)2.8
VADT (11,12)
 Moderate glycemic control9.7
 Intensive glycemic control21.1
 HR if severe hypoglycemia
  All-cause mortality6.37
  Cardiovascular mortality3.73
NICE-SUGAR study (14)
 Intensive glycemic control6.8
 Ordinary glycemic control0.5
 HR for mortality in intensive control as compared with ordinary glycemic control1.14