Table 2

Estimated HRs of three HbA1c variables when entered as continuous linear effects

HbA1c variableComplete cohortEarly subcohortRecent subcohort
Baseline1.05 (1.03–1.06)1.06 (1.04–1.09)1.03 (1.00–1.05)
Updated latest1.11 (1.09–1.13)1.13 (1.10–1.17)1.07 (1.04–1.10)
Updated mean1.15 (1.13–1.18)1.17 (1.13–1.21)1.08 (1.05–1.12)
  • All models were adjusted for age, sex, SBP, and history of MI. The complete cohort consists of patients with type 2 diabetes who were diagnosed in 1995–2010. The early and recent subcohorts consist of patients diagnosed in 1997–2003 and in 2004–2010, respectively.