Table 3

Multiple adjusted HRs of type 2 diabetes associated with a two-point increment in the rMED in population subgroups

Number of cases/number of subcohort*HR95% CIP for interaction
Age (years)0.019
BMI (kg/m2)0.088
Smoking status0.393
History of diabetes in a first-degree relative§0.527
  • *Numbers in the subcohort exclude type 2 diabetic case subjects.

  • †Modified Cox proportional hazards regression models stratified by center and adjusted for sex, BMI (as a continuous variable), educational level (no formal education, primary school, technical/professional school, secondary school, and longer education including university degree), physical activity (inactive, moderately inactive, moderately active, and active), smoking status (never, former, and three categories of current smoker: 1–10 cigarettes day−1, 11–20 cigarettes day−1, and >20 cigarettes day−1), and total calorie intake (as a continuous variable).

  • ‡Heterogeneity among subgroups was tested by adding an interaction term in the model between these variables and rMED.

  • §Family history of diabetes was not ascertained in the centers in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Oxford.