Table 2

The P values of the influence of the respective GV measures themselves, as well as effect modification and the Δ of confounding, calculated from the respective slopes (B and B′) from the regression equations, on the HbA1c-MPG relationship for all patients pooled and for type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients separately

Influence of the GV measure (P)Slope of MPG (B) in the main regression formulaSlope of MPG (B′) in the regression formula with the GV measureΔConfounding (%)*Effect modification (P)
 Type 1 diabetic0.012.7812.6315.4<0.01
 Type 2 diabetic0.062.7822.6375.20.74
 Type 2 diabetic0.192.7812.7212.20.06
 Type 2 diabetic0.192.7822.6983.00.19
 Type 1 diabetic0.062.7812.6873.40.02
 Type 2 diabetic0.072.7822.6614.30.46
  • *ΔConfounding in % = 100 × absolute (B′ – B)/B.