Table 1

CFA of the 25-item C-DQOLY-SF

Factor loadings
Item on first-order factorFirst-order factor on second-order factor
Life satisfaction
 Satisfaction of treatment0.67
  The amount of time it takes to manage your diabetes0.84
  The amount of time you spend getting checkups0.64
  The amount of time it takes to determine your blood glucose0.82
  Your current medical treatment0.64
  The flexibility you have with your diet0.65
 Satisfaction of school life0.85
  Performance in school0.76
  How your classmates treat you0.71
  Your attendance at school0.70
Diabetes impact
 Impact of symptoms and activities0.84
  Feel pain associated with the treatment of your diabetes0.56
  Feel physically ill0.61
  Diabetes interferes with your family life0.66
  Have a bad night's sleep0.64
  Diabetes interferes with your exercising0.62
  Diabetes interrupts your leisure-time activities0.68
 Parental concern0.42
  Your parents are too protective of you0.77
  Your parents worry too much about your diabetes0.83
  Your parents act like diabetes is their disease, not yours0.63
Diabetes-related worry
 Worry about the future0.66
  Whether you will get married0.93
  Whether you will have children0.94
  Whether you will not get a job you want0.76
  Whether you will pass out0.68
 Worry about social activities0.94
  Whether someone will not go out with you because you have diabetes0.80
  Teachers treat you differently because of your diabetes0.71
  Diabetes will interfere with things that you do in school (sports, music, drama)0.74
  You are behind in terms of dating, going to parties, and keeping up with your friends0.75
  • P < 0.05 for all factor loadings.