Table 1

Nutritional composition, GI, and FII of the component foods in two different breakfast meals (meal A and meal B)

Weight (g)Energy (kJ [kcal])AvCHO* (g)GI (%)Fiber (g)FII (%)Protein (g)Fat (g)
Meal A ingredients
 Grain bread (Burgen, Soy-Lin, Chatswood, Australia)57580 (139)173645293
 Raspberry jam (Cottees, Southbank, Australia)23265 (63)165106200
 Peach, canned in syrup (SPC, Ardmona, Australia)261755 (181)425826513
 Total3421,600 (383)7552660106
Meal B ingredients
 Croissant (Woolworth Supermarket, Sydney, Australia)55835 (200)246725859
 Yogurt, low-fat strawberry (Dairy Farmers, Lidcombe, Australia)120460 (110)173118462
 Egg (boiled)50305 (73)0002366
 Total2251,600 (383)41533591717
  • *AvCHO, available carbohydrate including sugars and starch and excluding fiber.

  • †104 g syrup and 157 g peaches.