Table 4

Logistic regression showing association between maternal FPG and excess offspring adiposity controlled for maternal BMI and birth weight z score

BMI z score ≥85th percentileBMI z score
≥95th percentileBMI z score
≥99th percentileSum of skinfolds ≥90th percentile
Model 1 FPG2.01<0.0012.370.0014.32<0.0012.480.001
Model 2
 Mat BMI1.12<0.0011.14<0.0011.14<0.0011.12<0.001
Model 3
 Bwt z score1.36<0.0011.090.371.170.250.970.77
Model 4
 Mat BMI1.11<0.0011.15<0.0011.14<0.0011.12<0.001
 Bwt z score1.28<0.0010.990.911.070.620.900.28
  • Sex-specific cutoffs were used for the sum of skinfolds in ≥90th percentile. Bwt z score, offspring birth weight z score; Mat BMI, maternal BMI at OGTT.