Table 1

Original decision elements (ref. 1), their modification in the survey, and the calculation of an algorithm based on eight parameters and five parameters

Parameters in the guidelinesParameters in the surveyEight parametersRelative weight in eight-parameter algorithm (%)Five objective parametersRelative weight in five-parameter algorithm (%)
Risk of hypoglycemia from treatmentRisk of hypoglycemia from treatment22.5Risk of hypoglycemia from treatment29.7
Life expectancyLife expectancyLife expectancy20.5Life expectancy27.0
Risk potentially associated with hypoglycemiaRisk potentially associated with hypoglycemia
Important comorbiditiesImportant comorbiditiesImportant comorbidities13.3Important comorbidities17.5
Macrovascular and advanced microvascular complicationsEstablished macrovascular complicationsMacrovascular and advanced microvascular complications11.9Macrovascular and advanced microvascular complications15.7
Established microvascular complications
Cognitive functionCognitive function10.3
Functional attitude and adherenceAdherence to therapyAdherence and motivation7.9
Functional attitude
Disease durationDisease durationDisease duration7.6Disease duration10.0
Resources and support systemResources and support systemResources and support system5.9