Table 1

Major type 2 diabetes prevention trials

Da Qing IGT and Diabetes StudyChina577Lifestyle modificationPan et al., 1997 (5)
Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study (DPS)Finland522Lifestyle modificationTuomilehto et al., 2001 (6)
Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)U.S.3,234Lifestyle modification, metforminDiabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2002 (7)
Indian Diabetes Prevention Programme-1 (IDPP-1)India531Lifestyle modification, metforminRamachandran et al., 2006 (8)
Indian Diabetes Prevention Programme-2 (IDPP-2)India407Lifestyle modification plus pioglitazoneRamachandran et al., 2009 (9)
Zensharen Study for Prevention of Lifestyle DiseasesJapan641Lifestyle modificationSaito et al., 2011 (11)
Prevention of type 2 diabetes by lifestyle interventionJapan458Lifestyle modificationKosaka et al., 2005 (12)
TRIPOD (Troglitazone in the Prevention of Diabetes)U.S.266TroglitazoneBuchanan et al., 2002 (13)
DREAM (Diabetes Reduction Assessment with Ramipril and Rosiglitazone Medication)International5,269RosiglitazoneDREAM Trial Investigators, 2006 (14)
ACT NOW (Actos Now for Prevention of Diabetes)U.S.602PioglitazoneDeFronzo et al., 2011 (10)
CANOE (Canadian Normoglycemia Outcomes Evaluation)Canada207Rosiglitazone plus metforminZinman et al., 2010 (15)
ORIGIN (Outcome Reduction With Initial Glargine Intervention)International12,537Insulin glargineORIGIN Trial Investigators, 2012 (16)
STOP-NIDDM (Study to Prevent Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)International1,429AcarboseChiasson et al., 2002 (17)
Voglibose for prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitusJapan1,780VogliboseKawamori et al., 2009 (18)
EDIT (Early Diabetes Intervention Trial)U.K.631Acarbose, metforminHolman et al., 2000 (19)
NAVIGATOR (Nateglinide and Valsartan in Impaired Glucose Tolerance Outcomes Research)International9,306Nateglinide, valsartanNAVIGATOR Study Group, 2010 (20)
XENDOS (Xenical in the Prevention of Diabetes in Obese Subjects)Sweden3,305OrlistatTorgerson et al., 2004 (21)
SCALE (Satiety and Clinical Adiposity—Liraglutide Evidence)International3,731LiraglutidePi-Sunyer et al., 2015 (22)