Table 2

Significant differences in brain activation for the nonsurgical and RYGB groups during the wanting and liking rating tasks

MNI coordinatesCluster size (voxels)§T value
EffectBrain regionxyz
Task-related activation
 Nonsurgical > RYGBLateral globus pallidus21−7−8105.60
Inferior frontal gyrus332619225.58
 RYGB > nonsurgicalFusiform gyrus/visual cortex39−79−52,97510.61
Supplementary motor area/anterior cingulate cortex023523156.96
Supramarginal gyrus−54−3734326.75
Rolandic operculum−39−716706.09
Frontal middle gyrus−393822886.07
Somatosensory cortex (postcentral gyrus)−42−40611105.75
Primary motor cortex (precentral gyrus)−542401265.38
Anterior insula−33294605.33
 Wanting > likingSomatosensory cortex (postcentral gyrus)39−3458705.21
  • §Results are significant with P < 0.05 family-wise error-corrected on cluster level after an initially uncorrected threshold of P < 0.001.

  • *P < 0.001 uncorrected. Result included to show the bilateral activation pattern.