Table 2

Frequency and severity of SVD (WMLs and lacunes) according to retinopathy status (No DR, mild DR, and more than mild DR)

No DR(n = 146)Mild DR(n = 56)More than mild DR(n = 87)P value
WMLs44 (30.1)17 (30.4)41 (47.1)0.02
Lacunes4 (2.7)4 (7.1)6 (6.9)0.24
SVD44 (30.1)18 (32.1)42 (48.3)0.02
High SVD score12 (8.2)7 (12.5)20 (23)<0.01
  • Values are reported as n (%) unless otherwise indicated. A patient was classified as having a higher severity of SVD score if any of the following took place: any ARWMC score and two or more lacunes, an ARWMC score of 1 and any lacunes, or an ARWMC score of 2–3 with or without lacunes.