Table 1

Multiple linear models for HbA1c reduction and weight gain in rosiglitazone

Weight gainHbA1c reduction
β95% CIPβ95% CIP
Baseline HbA1c0.330.15, 0.650.040.650.59, 0.72<0.001
Baseline weight0.23−0.01, 0.470.060.070.02, 0.130.004
Age0.19−0.19, 0.580.330.230.15, 0.31<0.001
Sex0.82−0.12, 1.660.060.280.09, 0.460.003
Dose0.410.25, 0.59< 0.0010.03−0.01, 0.060.19
Adherence0.23−0.06, 0.510.110.05−0.01, 0.110.09
Study duration−0.08−0.20,, 0.08<0.001
  • Sex was coded 1 and 2 for male and female, respectively. Age was coded in the unit of 10 years. Baseline HbA1c was measured as percentage. Dose was measured as 10% of the recommended maximum daily dose. Adherence was measured in 10%. Baseline weight was measured in 10 kg. The study duration was measured in month as the time from TZD index date to the treatment outcome measurement date.