Table 4

Somatic and cognitive-affective depressive symptom dimensions as independent predictors of medication adherence

βP valueR2βP valueR2
Step 1a0.400.17
 Days monitored−0.34<0.001
 PHQ-9 S−0.50<0.001−0.230.10
 PHQ-9 C/A0.130.29−0.170.22
Step 1b0.310.09
 Days monitored−0.33<0.001
 MADRS S−0.280.02−0.040.77
 MADRS C/A0.030.78−0.200.13
Step 2a0.400.17
 Days monitored−0.35<0.001
 PHQ-9 S−0.34<0.001−0.300.006
Step 2b0.360.11
 Days monitored−0.33<0.001
 MADRS S−0.200.03−0.110.29
  • P values <0.05 and β values are set in boldface to indicate significance. C/A, cognitive-affective symptom scale; PHQ-9 C/A, Patient Health Questionnaire, 9-item, cognitive-affective symptom scale; PHQ-9 S, Patient Health Questionnaire, 9-item, somatic symptom scale. S, somatic symptom scale.