Table 1

Barriers to device use reported by study participants (n = 1,503)

Barrier% Yes
 Cost of supplies61.3
 Cost of device57.4
 Insurance coverage57.3
 Hassle of wearing devices all of the time47.3
 Do not like having diabetes devices on my body34.8
 Do not like how diabetes devices look on my body26
 Nervous that the device might not work20
 Do not want to take more time from my day to manage diabetes17.5
 Nervous to rely on technology17
 Worries about what others will think of me10.5
 I do not like diabetes devices because people notice them and ask questions about them10.4
 Too busy to learn how to use a new technology or device9.2
 My diabetes care team has never talked with me about diabetes technology options4.5
 Do not understand what to do with the information or features of the devices4.5
 Not able to get my diabetes care team to write me a prescription4.4
 Not enough support from my family3.7
 Not enough support from my diabetes care team in using devices2.9
 Do not want to have more information about my diabetes2
 My family does not think diabetes devices are important for taking care of my diabetes0.9