Table 3

Crude incidence rates and adjusted HRs of TE in women with diabetes by COC formulation

ContraceptionWomenWoman-yearsN with TEThrombosis per 1,000 woman-years of useAdjusted HR* (95% CI)P value
Any COC35,36045,78748610.6
Estrogen doses
 ≥30 μg33,99243,85646010.50.71 (0.481.05)0.09
 <30 μg2,1091,9302613.5Reference
Different COC formulations
 COC with drospirenone6,5766,598659.91.03 (0.781.36)0.86
 COC with desogestrel/gestodene12,90713,97414310.21.04 (0.841.28)0.72
 COC with other progestin type (norethindrone, ethyndiol, etc.)17,60221,71722610.4Reference
 Progestin-only pills3,3061,9012613.71.22 (0.811.83)0.34
Different estrogen-containing formulations
 Any COC32,60642,28943610.3Reference
 Transdermal patch2,2241,6452716.41.68 (1.14–2.49)0.0091
 Vaginal ring2,0261,8532513.51.45 (0.972.18)0.0703
  • COC, combined oral contraceptive; TE, thromboembolism.

  • *Adjusted for age, advanced diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, cancer, obesity, and smoking.

  • †Transdermal contraceptive patch (EVRA; Johnson & Johnson).

  • ‡Combined hormonal vaginal ring (NuvaRing; Merck Sharp & Dohme).