Table 2

Distribution of facility-level rates of various HbA1c measures among the study population by age-group

65–75 Years>75 Years
HbA1c measureMedianMin.Max.MeanSDCVMedianMin.Max.MeanSDCV
<7% (53 mmol/mol)33.023.449.933.65.014.838.624.159.339.32.56.3
<8% (64 mmol/mol)66.054.577.365.84.36.673.
>9% (75 mmol/mol)13.87.621.613.92.618.
7.5–8.5% (58–69 mmol/mol)28.018.436.528.23.010.727.018.238.527.02.17.8
<7% (53 mmol/mol) or >9% (75 mmol/mol)47.433.760.447.44.28.847.935.364.348.21.83.8
  • Data are percentage A1C unless otherwise indicated. The study population comprised patients with diabetes with an HbA1c value available in FY 2013 who were taking any antiglycemic agent other than metformin alone within 60 days before their last HbA1c in FY 2013 and who had at least one of the studied comorbidities. Max., maximum; Min., minimum.