Table 3

Crude and adjusted RRRs of adverse event associated with sulfonylurea use according to study design parameters from the meta-regression analysis of 36 estimates of relative risk from the observational studies listed in Tables 1 and 2

Number of relative risk estimatesMean relative riskCrude RRRAdjusted RRR* (95% CI)
 Metformin271.431.081.13 (1.01–1.27)
 Other (reference)91.321.001.00 (reference)
 Death241.501.241.20 (1.07–1.34)
 Cardiovascular (reference) (reference)
Major bias
 Yes261.441.131.07 (0.95–1.20)
 No (reference) (reference)
  • *Adjusted for one another and weighted by the inverse of the variance.