Table 3

Base case total cost, QALYs, and CE of the USPSTF-recommended behavioral counseling intervention per person intervened by age-group with a 25-year horizon

Total cost (intervention, treatment, and complications)Remaining life-yearsQALYsICER (total/QALY)
Total eligible population
 No intervention$54,87220.74210.267
 With the intervention$55,13420.76010.286
Age 18–44 years
 No intervention$56,95323.83611.556
 With the intervention$57,16423.84511.571
Age 45–64 years
 No intervention$55,95520.29010.108
 With the intervention$56,20720.31610.130
Age ≥65 years
 No intervention$42,52511.7556.452
 With the intervention$43,02811.7886.497
  • †The total cost is the summation of the behavioral intervention and treatment and medication.