Table 2

PPV and NPV values for the biomarker pathway, traditional MODY criteria (age at diagnosis younger than 25 years, non–insulin-treated, and parent affected with diabetes), and the MODY probability calculator (using a probability >25%, the pickup rate for the diagnostic laboratory)

NPrevalence of monogenic diabetesPPV (%)NPV (%)Percentage of monogenic cases missedNumber needed to test
Biomarker pathway1,4073.6% (51/1,407)20.099.9105
Traditional MODY criteria1,3623.6% (49/1,362)57.697.7632
MODY probability calculator1,3473.3% (45/1,347)40.498.3553
  • Prevalence is the proportion of diagnosed monogenic diabetes, percentage of monogenic cases missed is the proportion of monogenic cases not picked up by the approach, and number needed to test is 1/PPV.