Table 2

HRs from a multivariate proportional hazards model of TEDDY, published risk factors for IA and type 1 diabetes by age 6 years, and child infectious-related conditions before first clinical visit

FactorComparisonAny IAType 1 diabetes
SexMale vs. female1.320.0021.070.69
Family historyFDR mother vs. GP1.240.271.700.11
FDR father vs. GP2.34<0.00013.71<0.001
FDR sibling vs. GP3.38<0.00015.32<0.0001
HLADR3/4 vs. DR4/4,X1.440.00011.760.002
DR3/3,X vs. DR4/4,X0.660.0030.630.11
CountryFinland vs. U.S.
Germany vs. U.S.
Sweden vs. U.S.1.080.480.990.96
Probiotics at age 28 daysYes vs. no or ≥28 days0.660.030.860.61
Weight at age 12 monthsz score1.21<0.00011.170.06
Child conditions before first clinical visit (age 3 months)Upper resp. (yes vs. no)
Lower resp. (yes vs. no)0.930.620.810.47
Diarrhea (yes vs. no)1.140.401.100.73
Rash (yes vs. no)0.950.640.640.06
rs689 (INS)Yes vs. no0.67<0.0010.550.0006
rs231775 (CTLA4)Yes vs. no1.070.511.050.78
rs2476601 (PTPN22)Yes vs. no1.73<0.00011.910.0002
rs2816316 (RGS1)Yes vs. no1.040.700.920.64
rs10517086Yes vs. no1.070.431.530.01
rs4948088 (COBL)Yes vs. no0.670.030.750.41
rs2292239 (ERBB3)Yes vs. no1.45<0.00011.680.003
rs3184504 (SH2B3)Yes vs. no1.400.0011.180.39
rs12708716 (CLEC16A)Yes vs. no0.820.020.870.38
  • Data set in boldface indicate statistical significance. Lower resp., lower-respiratory infection; Upper resp., upper-respiratory infection.