Table 1

Characteristics of eligible* participants enrolled in the lifestyle change program

All eligible participants, n = 14,747Participants not meeting the threshold, n = 1,972 (13.4%)Participants meeting the threshold, n = 12,775 (86.6%)§P value (meeting the threshold vs. not meeting the threshold)
Age-group (years)<0.0001
Average age (years)
 Non-Hispanic white only44.9%26.4%47.7%
 Non-Hispanic black only13.8%16.2%13.4%
Baseline BMI (kg/m2)0.7831
 <25 (normal)2.8%2.7%2.8%
 25–29 (overweight)22.5%22.9%22.4%
 ≥30 (obese)74.8%74.4%74.8%
Eligibility category0.0170
 Entered program with blood test or history of GDM63.7%66.1%63.4%
 Entered program with risk test only36.3%33.9%36.6%
Average initial weight (kg)**96.896.596.80.5217
Average number of days in the program††17212197<0.0001
  • *A participant’s eligibility was based on the results of a blood-based test (A1C, FBG, or OGTT), their score on the CDC’s or the ADA’s prediabetes risk test, or a history of GDM.

  • †Participants must have been enrolled between February 2012 and January 2015 in a program that held sessions for at least 12 months after their enrollment and attended at least one session.

  • ‡Participants who attended less than four sessions.

  • §Participants who attended four or more sessions.

  • ‖Results are based on Pearson χ2 test for categorical variables and two-sample Student t test for continuous variables.

  • **Median initial weights were 93.4 kg overall, 92.9 kg for those not meeting the threshold, and 93.4 kg for those meeting the threshold.

  • ††Median number of days in the program was 134 overall, 7 for those not meeting the threshold, and 182 for those meeting the threshold.