Table 1

App quality score, subjective score, and diabetes management tasks (n = 89 apps)

SectionsItemsItem namesMeanSDQuality
Engagement5Entertainment; Interest; Customization; Interactivity; Target group3.150.78Acceptable-Good
Functionality4Performance; Ease of use; Navigation; Gestural design3.790.68Acceptable-Good
Aesthetics3Layout; Graphics; Visual appeal3.430.76Acceptable-Good
Information7Accuracy of app; Goals; Quality of information; Quantity of information; Visual information; Credibility; Evidence base2.230.85Poor-Acceptable
App quality score19All items in above sections2.990.64Poor-Acceptable
App subjective score4Recommendations; Usage; Pay; Rating2.590.90Poor-Acceptable
Diabetes management tasks6Physical activity; Nutrition; Blood glucose testing; Medication or insulin dosage; Health feedback; Education2.811.682–3 tasks