Table 2

HRs for all outcomes associated with pancreas-nonspecific, long-acting sulfonylureas (glyburide and glimepiride) compared with pancreas-specific, short-acting sulfonylureas (gliclazide, glipizide, and tolbutamide) in patients with type 2 diabetes

ExposureNumber of patientsNumber of eventsPerson-yearsIncidence rate (95% CI) (per 1,000 person-years)Crude HR (95% CI)Adjusted HR (95% CI)*
 Specific, short-acting sulfonylureas15,61122318,36112.1 (10.6–13.8)1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
 Nonspecific, long-acting sulfonylureas1,861222,4229.1 (5.7–13.8)0.76 (0.49–1.17)0.86 (0.55–1.34)
Ischemic stroke
 Specific, short-acting sulfonylureas15,54921518,31611.7 (10.2–13.4)1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
 Nonspecific, long-acting sulfonylureas1,857222,4209.1 (5.7–13.8)0.78 (0.50–1.21)0.92 (0.59–1.45)
Severe hypoglycemia
 Specific, short-acting sulfonylureas15,5126918,3583.8 (2.9–4.8)1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
 Nonspecific, long-acting sulfonylureas1,862182,4357.4 (4.4–11.7)1.97 (1.17–3.31)2.83 (1.64–4.88)
Cardiovascular death
 Specific, short-acting sulfonylureas15,64741718,49822.5 (20.4–24.8)1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
 Nonspecific, long-acting sulfonylureas1,861412,44116.8 (12.1–22.8)0.75 (0.55–1.04)1.01 (0.72–1.40)
All-cause mortality
 Specific, short-acting sulfonylureas15,4051,23318,32067.3 (63.6–71.2)1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
 Nonspecific, long-acting sulfonylureas1,861992,44040.6 (33.0–49.4)0.62 (0.50–0.76)0.81 (0.66–1.00)
  • *Adjusted for hdPS deciles and history of the outcomes for the AMI and ischemic stroke models; adjusted for hdPS quintiles for the severe hypoglycemia model; adjusted for hdPS deciles and history of AMI or ischemic stroke for the cardiovascular death model; adjusted for hdPS deciles for the all-cause mortality model.