Table 1

Early major trials evaluating the effects of intensive glycemic control of diabetes

StudyDiabetes typeCV compositeMICV mortalityAll-cause mortality
DCCT/EDIC (17,26,27)Type 1
 Main randomization (SU or insulin vs. conventional therapy) (18,28)
 Additional randomization of overweight patients (metformin vs. SU vs. conventional therapy) (19,28)****
ACCORD (20,30)Type 2
ADVANCE (21)Type 2
VADT (22,29)Type 2
  • Left columns show initial results; right columns show long-term follow-up. ↔, Neutral effect; ↓, decrease; ↑, increase; —, not assessed/reported; ADVANCE, Action in Diabetes and Vascular Disease: Preterax and Diamicron MR Controlled Evaluation; SU, sulfonylurea. Adapted from Bergenstal et al. (97).

  • *Metformin group only.

  • †A decrease was reported in a combined CV/microvascular composite but was found to be mostly attributable to nephropathy.