Table 2

Judgment of the consultation model, according to the diabetes care providers

PC (n = 1,200)SC (n = 166)Physician-led conversations (n = 895)Nurse-led conversations (n = 471)All conversations (n = 1,366)
Duration of conversation <25 min1,13772.814565.682380.445956.9**1,28272.0
The consultation model was applicable1,1371458234591,282
 Largely not/completely not10.510.311.98.110.5
Patients spoke >50% of the consultation time1,13766.614575.2*82364.445973.2**1,28267.6
Doctors and diabetes nurses gain insight into patient’s life-related factors1,1371458234591,282
 Largely not/completely not2.
Shared decisions about treatment goals1,1331458234551,278
 Largely not/completely not10.28.39.510.79.9
Shared decisions about treatment and care1,1321458234541,277
 Largely not/completely not6.
  • n, number of consultations in PC and SC, and on the level of physicians and nurses.

  • *Significant (P < 0.05) difference between diabetes patients in PC and SC.

  • **Significant (P < 0.05) difference between physician- and nurse-led consultations.