Table 3

Patients’ judgment on the consultation within PC and SC, and on physician-led and nurse-led consultations (percentage patient questionnaires)

PC (n = 1,200)SC (n = 166)Physician-led conversations (n = 895)Nurse-led conversations (n = 471)All conversations (n = 1,366)
Prepared four questions before the consultation1,04374.614969.878473.540875.01,19274.0
The professional sufficiently informed me about the treatment options1,0561507924141,206
The professional sufficiently informed me about the treatment-related pros and cons1,0461507834131,196
Shared decision about treatment goals1,0681528024181,220
The professional involved me in making decisions about my treatment1,0431507794141,193
 More/much more than before40.744.045.133.6**41.1
 No more or less than before59.155.354.466.458.6
 Less/much less than before0.
The professional helped to understand all information1,0521527894151,204
The treatment choice for next year is1,0581517924171,209
 Neither good, nor bad3.
 Bad/very bad0.10.10.1
Conversation score (mean)1,0618.61538.58008.64148.51,2148.6
The conversation was1,0491507844151,199
 More pleasant than before46.046.052.533.7**46.0
 Not different from before53.754.
 Less pleasant than before0.
  • Consultation model.

  • *Significant (P < 0.05) difference between diabetes patients in PC and SC.

  • **Significant (P < 0.05) difference between treated by physicians and nurses.