Table 5

Annual per capita health care expenditures in the U.S., by diabetes status, 2017 (in actual dollars)

Cost componentWith diabetes ($)UnadjustedAdjusted for age and sex
Without diabetes ($)Ratio with to without diabetesWithout diabetes ($)Ratio with to without diabetesAttributed to diabetes ($)*
Institutional care
 Hospital inpatient4,9661,2024.12,1472.32,819
 Nursing/residential facility9912384.27301.4261
Outpatient care
 Physician office2,0996293.38862.41,213
 Ambulance services28112.5151.913
 Hospital outpatient and freestanding ambulatory surgical center8503272.63632.3488
 Home health5861783.34491.3137
Outpatient medications and supplies
 Diabetes supplies151NANANANA151
 Other antidiabetes agents642NANANANA641
 Prescription medications4,7411,0294.61,8582.62,882
 Other equipment and supplies185822.21321.453
  • Data sources: NIS (2014), CMS MDS (2013), NAMCS (2013–2015), NHAMCS (2012–2014), MEPS (2011–2015), NHHCS (2007), NHIS (2014–2016), OptumInsight dNHI (2015), Medicare 5% SAFs (2014), and U.S. Census Bureau (2017). NA, not applicable.

  • * Numbers do not necessarily sum to totals because of rounding.

  • Includes antidiabetes agents such as exenatide and pramlintide.

  • Includes but is not limited to eyewear, orthopedic items, hearing devices, prosthesis, bathroom aids, medical equipment, and disposable supplies.