Table 1

Health resource use in the U.S., by diabetes status and type of service, 2017 (in millions of units)

Health resourcePopulation with diabetesIncurred by population without diabetesU.S. total*
Attributed to diabetesIncurred by people with diabetes
Units% of U.S. totalUnits% of U.S. total
Institutional care
 Hospital inpatient days22.613.940.324.8122.2162
 Nursing/residential facility days57.37.5200.026.1567.3767
 Hospice days0.30.314.212.797.8112
Outpatient care
 Physician office visits121.612.5208.621.5760.4969
 Emergency department visits7.25.216.812.2121.1138
 Hospital outpatient visits13.511.722.219.293.0115
 Home health visits10.
 Medication prescriptions664.416.61,092.827.42,898.03,991
  • Data sources: NIS (2014), CMS MDS (2013), NAMCS (2013–2015), NHAMCS (2012–2014), MEPS (2011–2015), and NHHCS (2007), OptumInsight dNHI (2015), and Medicare 5% SAFs (2014).

  • * Numbers do not necessarily sum to totals because of rounding.