Table 2

Health care expenditures in the U.S., by diabetes status and type of service, 2017 (in millions of dollars)

Cost componentPopulation with diabetesPopulation without diabetesTotal*
Attributed to diabetesTotal incurred by people with diabetes
Dollars% of U.S. totalDollars% of U.S. total
Institutional care
 Hospital inpatient69,66114122,72925362,855485,584
 Nursing/residential facility6,439724,4842571,93496,419
Outpatient care
 Physician office29,9901251,88221190,024241,906
 Emergency department7,990518,65112133,894152,545
 Ambulance services3328700173,3564,056
 Hospital outpatient12,0491021,0121898,872119,884
 Home health3,388514,4792153,82468,303
Outpatient medications and supplies
 Diabetes supplies3,7231003,72310003,723
 Other antidiabetes agents15,85510015,855100015,855
 Prescription medications71,23517117,16027310,697427,856
 Other equipment and supplies1,31044,5641624,79629,360
  • Data sources: NIS (2014), CMS MDS (2013), NAMCS (2013–2015), NHAMCS (2012–2014), MEPS (2011–2015), NHHCS (2007), NHIS (2014–2016), OptumInsight dNHI (2015), and Medicare 5% SAFs (2014).

  • * Numbers do not necessarily sum to totals because of rounding.

  • Includes oral medications and noninsulin injectable antidiabetes agents such as exenatide and pramlintide.

  • Includes but is not limited to eyewear, orthopedic items, hearing devices, prosthesis, bathroom aids, medical equipment, and disposable supplies.