Table 1

Prevalence of past-year CAM use by reason in older adults with diabetes, 2012 NHIS

Among CAM users with diabetes, CAM used for:
Treatment onlyWellness onlyBoth treatment and wellnessTotalP value
Alternative medical systems8.514.87.710.20.272
 Traditional healers0.
Biologically based therapies45.767.666.462.80.030
 Herbal therapies45.767.666.462.80.030
Manipulative body therapies53.327.236.936.80.015
 Movement therapies0.
Mind-body therapies6.610.614.211.60.365
 Tai chi0.
 Qi gong0.
Energy therapiesb0.
Sample size (n)
 Unweighted sample65124188377
 Weighted population383,840653,279975,7172,012,836
  • Data are percent unless otherwise indicated. P value compares proportion differences by reason for use, using weight-corrected Pearson χ2 statistic.

  • a Includes guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, and hypnosis.

  • b Includes energy healing and craniosacral therapies.