Table 1

Components of the PRP T1D and EI groups in the STePS study

PRP T1D sessionsEI sessions
1. Resilience through connecting adversity, beliefs, and consequences1. A diabetes overview, including symptoms and treatment of out of range numbers
2. Catching errors in logic and understanding thinking errors2. A review of general nutrition, strategies for carbohydrate counting, and managing challenging foods
3. Learning self-disputing skills by understanding explanatory styles and creating alternative explanations3. Physical activity and its impact on glucose, and strategies for preventing hypoglycemia
4. Learning self-disputing skills by evaluating the evidence and generating alternatives4. A review of the different types and actions of insulin and the importance of site rotation and strategies for storage
5. Learning to put beliefs into perspective by understanding the worst case, best case, and most likely scenarios5. Strategies for blood glucose monitoring and pattern management
6. Learning relaxation and focusing techniques6. Strategies for prevention, detection, and treatment of acute complications
7. Applying resilience skills in real-time situations7. A review of diabetes technology including insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring
8. Learning assertiveness skills in social communication8. A review of current research for a biologic cure
9. Reviewing and consolidating resilience skills9. Reviewing and consolidating diabetes education skills