Table 1

Slopes (95% CIs) of the association of BMI or WC with LDLc among individuals below or above the inflection point of the studied association: results from the NHANES (U.S. population) and ENRICA (Spanish population) studies

Inflection pointLDLc slope (mg/dL per anthropometric unit)
Lower range (95% CI) (below inflection point)Upper range (95% CI) (above inflection point)
 BMI (kg/m2)27.112.30 (1.99, 2.61)−0.37 (−0.54, −0.20)
 WC (cm)96.310.83 (0.70, 0.96)−0.26 (−0.34, −0.18)
 BMI (kg/m2)26.462.41 (2.08, 2.73)−0.38 (−0.60, −0.16)
 WC (cm)89.150.84 (0.73, 0.95)−0.18 (−0.27, −0.09)
  • All P < 0.001 for slope differences between lower and upper anthropometric ranges. The data are derived from generalized linear models using linear splines, which allowed the statistical search for the optimal inflection values and adjusted for age and sex. Multiply by 0.0259 to convert to mmol/L.