Table 9.3

Median cost of insulin products in the U.S. calculated as AWP (44) and NADAC (45) per 1,000 units of specified dosage form/product

InsulinsCompoundsDosage form/productMedian AWP (min, max)*Median NADAC (min, max)*
Rapid-acting analogs• Lispro biosimilarU-100 vial$280$226
U-100 prefilled pen$361$289
• GlulisineU-100 vial$324$260
U-100 prefilled pen$417$334
• LisproU-100 vial$330$264
U-100 3 mL cartridges$408$326
U-100 prefilled pen; U-200 prefilled pen$424$340
• AspartU-100 vial$347$278
U-100 3 mL cartridges$430$343
U-100 prefilled pen$447$358
• Inhaled insulinInhalation cartridges$993$606
Short-acting• Human RegularU-100 vial$165 ($165, $178)$135 ($135, $146)
Intermediate-acting• Human NPHU-100 vial$165 ($165, $178)$135 ($135, $144)
U-100 prefilled pen$377$304
Concentrated Human Regular insulin• U-500 Human Regular insulinU-500 vial$178$142
U-500 prefilled pen$230$184
Basal analogs• Glargine biosimilarU-100 prefilled pen$261$209
• GlargineU-100 vial; U-100 prefilled pen$323$259
U-300 prefilled pen$331$266
• DetemirU-100 vial; U-100 prefilled pen$353$281
• DegludecU-100 prefilled pen; U-200 prefilled pen$388$310
Premixed insulin products• NPH/Regular 70/30U-100 vial$165 ($165, $178)$135 ($135, $144)
U-100 prefilled pen$377$306
• Lispro 50/50U-100 vial$342$274
U-100 prefilled pen$424$340
• Lispro 75/25U-100 vial$342$273
U-100 prefilled pen$424$340
• Aspart 70/30U-100 vial$360$288
U-100 prefilled pen$447$358
Premixed insulin/GLP-1 receptor agonist products• Degludec/Liraglutide100/3.6 prefilled pen$793$638
• Glargine/Lixisenatide100/33 prefilled pen$537$431
  • AWP, average wholesale price; GLP-1, glucagon-like peptide 1; NADAC, National Average Drug Acquisition Cost.

  • * AWP or NADAC calculated as in Table 9.2; median listed alone when only one product and/or price.