Table 1

Operations developed for the management of obesity

JIB-related proceduresRYGB-related proceduresVBG-related procedures
1953: R.L. Varco (unpublished observations)—end-to-end jejunoileostomy1966: Mason and Ito (12)—horizontal gastric division with loop gastrojejunostomy1973: Printen and Mason (16)—partial horizontal gastric division with greater curvature conduit
1954: Kremen et al. (11)—end-to-end jejunoileostomy with ileocecostomy1977: Alden (13)—horizontal gastric cross-stapling with loop gastrojejunostomy1979: Gomez—partial horizontal gastric stapling with suture reinforcement of gastric outlet
1963: Payne and DeWind—end-to-side jejuno (transverse colon) colostomy1977: Griffen et al. (14)—horizontal gastric cross-stapling with Roux-en-Y gastrojejunostomy1979: Pace et al.—stapled gastric partitioning
1965: Sherman et al.—end-to-side jejunoileostomy1983: Torres et al.—vertical gastric cross-stapling with Roux-en-Y gastrojejunostomy1979: LaFave and Alden—total gastric cross-stapling and gastrogastrostomy
1966: Lewis et al.—end-to-side jejunocecostomy1986: Linner and Drew—reinforced gastrojejunostomy with fascial band1981: Fabito—vertical gastric stapling with suture reinforcement of outlet
1969: Payne and DeWind—14 in × 4 in end-to-side jejunoileostomy1987: Torres and Oca—long-limb RYGB1981: Laws and Piatadosi (17)—vertical gastric stapling, Silastic ring outlet restrictor
1971: Scott et al.—end-to-end jejunoileostomy with ileo (transverse colon or sigmoid colon) colostomy1988: Salmon—combined RYGB and VBG1982: Mason (18)—vertical gastric stapling, Marlex mesh band through a gastric window outlet restrictor
1971: Salmon—end-to-end jejunoileostomy with ileo (transverse colon) colostomy1989: Fobi et al. (33)—Silastic ring VBG proximal to RYGB1983: Molina and Oria—gastric segmentation
1971: Buchwald and Varco—40 cm and 4 cm end-to-end jejunoileostomy with ileocecostomy1994: Wittgrove et al.—first laparoscopic RYGB with end-to-end endoscopic stapling1986: Eckhout et al.—vertical gastric stapling using a notched stapler, Silastic ring outlet restrictor
1977: Forestieri et al.—end-to-side jejunoileostomy with proximal jejunal valve construction1999: de la Torre and Scott—all intra-abdominal laparoscopic stapling1994: Hess and Hess (21)—first laparoscopic VBG
1978: Starkloff et al.—end-to-side jejunoileostomy with proximal jejunal valve construction1999: Higa et al.—hand-sewn laparoscopic gastrojejunostomySG-related procedures
1980: Palmer and Marliss—end-to-side jejunoileostomy with proximal jejunal valve constructionAGB-related procedures1976: Tretbar et al.—fundoplication
1988: Cleator and Gourlay—ileogastrostomy to drain bypassed intestine1978: Wilkinson et al.—nonadjustable gastric band1980: Wilkinson—gastric wrapping with mesh
1989: Dorton and Kral—duodenoileal bypass1983: Molina and Oria—nonadjustable gastric band2003: Regan et al. (26)—free-standing SG as outgrowth of two-stage DS
BPD/DS-related procedures1985: Bashour and Hill—gastro-clip2007: Talebpour and Amoli—first greater curvation gastric plication
1979: Scopinaro et al. (19)—subtotal horizontal gastrectomy, 250 cm Roux gastrojejunostomy, 50 cm common channel1986: Kuzmak (24)—AGB2017: Doležalova-Kormanova et al.—greater curvature gastric plication
1993: Marceau et al. (20)—SG, pylorus preservation, cross-stapling of duodenum, duodenoileostomy, ∼100 cm common channel1993: Broadbent et al.—nonadjustable gastric band laparoscopically
1994: Hess and Hess (21)—SG, pylorus preservation, duodenoileostomy, ∼100 cm common channel
Other innovative procedures1993: Catona et al.—nonadjustable gastric band laparoscopically
1974: Quaade et al.—hypothalamic stimulation and ablation1993: Belachew et al.—AGB laparoscopically
1996: Cigaina et al.—paced gastric electrode stimulation1993: Forsell et al.—AGB laparoscopically
1999: Mason—ileal transposition1999: Cardiere et al.—AGB robotically
2008: Camilleri et al.—paced vagal nerve blockade
2008: Rodriguez-Grunert et al.—duodenojejunal exclusion
2008: Rodriguez-Grunert—endoluminal sleeve
  • Boldface type denotes historical landmark contributions.