Table 2

Events, follow-up duration, incidence rates, and HRs for SGLT2i use on first MACE and ACM in propensity-matched cohorts

Event and propensity-matched cohortnEventsParticipant-years of follow-upIncidence rate (events/100 participant-years)Unadjusted HR (95% CI)Adjusted HR (95% CI)Nominal P values (adjusted)
 No SGLT2i709449904.45
 SGLT2i709288223.410.78 (0.48–1.27)0.79 (0.49–1.28)0.34
 No dapagliflozin*353224844.54
 Dapagliflozin353114082.690.59 (0.28–1.24)0.55 (0.26–1.15)0.11
 No SGLT2i709371,1083.34
 SGLT2i709148711.610.48 (0.26–0.89)0.51 (0.27–0.95)0.03
 No dapagliflozin*353135382.42
 Dapagliflozin35374321.620.66 (0.25–1.69)0.66 (0.25–1.72)0.39
  • †Adjustment for duration of diabetes, age, sex, history of CVD, prior heart failure, prior microalbuminuria, prior macroalbuminuria, baseline eGFR, and baseline HbA1c.

  • *Cohort of non-SGLT2i users matched to dapagliflozin users.