Table 1

Examples of current ADA initiatives for population-level impact

Population health managementDiabetes INSIDEHealth care system consultation and QI program to improve population-level diabetes quality metrics within health care populations with diabetes
Mental health provider training and referral directoryPartnership with the APA to increase the mental health provider workforce available nationally for treatment of people with diabetes
Population health improvementThe Risk Test CampaignOnline tool and campaign to increase prediabetes screening, diagnosis, and referral to a National DPP
Scaling and support for National DPP disseminationCDC cooperative agreement for National DPP dissemination to underserved regions and web-based National DPP documentation tool available to community-, health care–, or public health–based National DPP LCP providers
Social determinants of health scientific reviewCommissioned evidence review and synthesis to inform recommendations for clinical and community diabetes practice and priorities for population interventions
  • LCP, lifestyle change program.