Table 1

Goals of nutrition therapy

• To promote and support healthful eating patterns, emphasizing a variety of nutrient-dense foods in appropriate portion sizes, in order to improve overall health and specifically to:
 ○ Improve A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels (goals differ for individuals based on age, duration of diabetes, health history, and other present health conditions. Further recommendations for individualization of goals can be found in the ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes [345])
 ○ Achieve and maintain body weight goals
 ○ Delay or prevent complications of diabetes
• To address individual nutrition needs based on personal and cultural preferences, health literacy and numeracy, access to healthful food choices, willingness and ability to make behavioral changes, as well as barriers to change
• To maintain the pleasure of eating by providing positive messages about food choices, while limiting food choices only when indicated by scientific evidence
• To provide the individual with diabetes with practical tools for day-to-day meal planning