Table 3

Pearson correlation coefficients (without/with imputations for missing data) of placental 11β-HSD2 and maternal and cord plasma cortisol with cardiometabolic health parameters in infants at 1 year of age

Infant outcome (age 1 year)Maternal plasma cortisol 32–35 weeksCord plasma cortisolPlacental 11β-HSD2
Weight and skinfold
 Weight (z score)−0.07/−0.06−0.05/−0.06−0.06/−0.03
 Skinfold thickness−0.05/−0.040.20/0.17*−0.03/−0.03
Fasting blood
 Glucose-to-insulin ratio0.07/0.08−0.01/−0.010.17*/0.18*
 Proinsulin-to-insulin ratio0.05/0.02−0.01/−0.020.11/0.10
  • Data presented are Pearson correlation coefficients adjusting for gestational age at specimen sampling; biomarker data were log-transformed in the correlation analyses; the correlation coefficients are presented in subjects with complete data/in all subjects with imputations for missing data; the sample sizes in complete case data analyses were 197 for weight z score and skinfold thickness, 182 for fasting blood biomarkers, 147 for BP, and 119 for cIMT; the sample size was 246 in all analyses with imputations for missing data.

  • *P < 0.05; †P < 0.01;

  • §P = 0.06; correlation coefficients in boldface type were significant at P < 0.025.

  • ‡Sum of triceps and subscapular skinfold thickness.