Table 3

Associations between uric acid and yearly change in eGFR and UACR in patients with type 1 diabetes followed for 5.3 years

Yearly change in eGFR (n = 510)Yearly change in UACR (n = 511)
β (SE)Pβ (SE)P
Unadjusted−0.37 (0.22)0.090.0035 (0.001)<0.001
Adjusted*−0.90 (0.30)0.00260.035 (0.011)0.0027
  • Uric acid is log2 transformed, thus 1 unit corresponds to a doubling of uric acid. The β-estimates represent the effect per doubling of uric acid. Adjustment included sex; age; BMI; HDL cholesterol; smoking; HbA1c; mean arterial pressure; UAER; treatment with RAAS blockers, statins, or antiplatelet agents; and eGFR.

  • *The adjusted analyses, for both eGFR and UACR, included 481 participants because of missing variables.