Table 2

Risk factors for DKA associated with SGLT inhibitor therapy

Risk level for DKAFactor
Moderate/high• Reduced basal insulin by more than 10–20%
• Insulin pump or infusion site failure
• Reduced or inconsistent carbohydrate intake
• Excessive alcohol use
• Use of illicit drugs
• Volume depletion/dehydration
• Acute illness of any sort (viral or bacterial)
• Vomiting
Low/moderate• Vigorous or prolonged exercise
• Reduced prandial insulin dose by more than 10–20%
• Travel with disruption in usual schedule/insulin regimen
• Insulin pump use
Minimal/low• Low BMI (<25 kg/m2)
• Inconsistent caloric intake
• Moderate alcohol use*
• Female sex
  • * If ketone levels increase from baseline.