Table 3

C-statistic of Lp(a) for predicting CVEs in subjects with different glucose metabolism status

ModelsC-statistic (95% CI)∆C-statistic (95% CI)P
NGR original model0.770 (0.687–0.854)
NGR original model +Lp(a)0.769 (0.685–0.853)−0.001 (−0.022–0.009)0.876
Pre-DM original model0.700 (0.651–0.750)
Pre-DM original model +Lp(a)0.722 (0.674–0.769)0.022 (0.003–0.046)0.043
DM original model0.675 (0.630–0.719)
DM original model +Lp(a)0.704 (0.661–0.748)0.029 (0.013–0.048)0.001
  • Original model included age, sex, BMI, smoking, hypertension, family history of CAD, GS, LVEF, creatinine, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, TG, NT-proBNP, big ET-1, fibrinogen, and baseline statins.