Table 3

Vansteelandt modeling for mediation of time to first MACE with liraglutide versus placebo: by HbA1c, body weight, UACR, SBP, LDL cholesterol, confirmed hypoglycemic episodes, SU use, and insulin use

VariableEstimated proportion of patients without MACE at 3 yearsPercentage mediation (95% CI)
LiraglutideLiraglutide, adjusted for candidate mediatorPlacebo
HbA1c0.8930.8810.87882.0 (11.7; 449.3)
Body weight0.8930.8910.87914.3
Confirmed hypoglycemia0.8930.8920.8786.7
LDL cholesterol0.8930.8930.8790.0
Insulin use0.8920.8900.87814.3
SU use0.8930.8910.87813.3
  • SBP, systolic blood pressure; SU, sulfonylurea.