Table 1

DSMES Consensus Report recommendations

DSMES improves health outcomes, quality of life, and is cost effective, and people with diabetes deserve the right to DSMES services. Therefore, it is recommended that:
 1. Discuss with all persons with diabetes the benefits and value of initial and ongoing DSMES.
 2. Initiate referral to and facilitate participation in DSMES at the 4 critical times: 1) at diagnosis, 2) annually and/or when not meeting treatment targets, 3) when complicating factors develop, and 4) when transitions in life and care occur.
 3. Ensure coordination of the medical nutrition therapy plan with the overall management strategy, including the DSMES plan, medications, and physical activity on an ongoing basis.
 4. Identify and address barriers affecting participation with DSMES services following referral.
Health policy, payers, health systems, providers, and health care teams
 5. Expand awareness, access, and utilization of innovative and nontraditional DSMES services.
 6. Identify and address barriers influencing providers’ referrals to DSMES services.
 7. Facilitate reimbursement processes and other means of financial support in consideration of cost savings related to the benefits of DSMES services.