Table 1

Diabetes onset, DKA at onset, and acute complications in the pediatric population (0–15 years) observed during COVID-19 pandemic (20 February–14 April 2020) compared with the same period in 2019

Patients with diabetes onset160208−48
Patients with DKA (pH <7.3)6138.18641.3−3.20.08
Patients with severe DKA (pH <7.1)2716.93114.92.0%0.09
Proportion of DKA patients with severe DKA2744.33136.08.3%0.03
DKA episodes in patients with established diabetes1322−9
Severe hypoglycemia episodes in patients with established diabetes1013−3
  • Severe hypoglycemia was defined as an episode with loss of consciousness or requiring hospitalization. The value in boldface type represents significant difference between groups.