Table 3

Pooled, adjusted HRs (95% CI) of T2D for consumption of different potato foods*

ConsumptionEvery 3 servings/weekP values for trend
Almost never1–3 servings/month1 serving/week2–4 servings/week≥5 servings/week
Baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes
 Multivariable-adjusted HR1.001.04 (0.97–1.11)1.06 (1.00–1.14)1.09 (1.01–1.18)1.05 (1.01–1.08)0.01
 Further adjustment for baseline BMI1.001.02 (0.95–1.09)1.03 (0.96–1.10)1.08 (1.00–1.16)1.04 (1.01–1.08)0.01
French fries
 Multivariable-adjusted HR1.001.21 (1.15–1.27)1.33 (1.25–1.41)1.54 (1.44–1.65)1.84 (1.57–2.15)1.41 (1.34–1.48)<0.0001
 Further adjustment for baseline BMI1.001.11 (1.06–1.17)1.17 (1.11–1.24)1.26 (1.18–1.35)1.32 (1.13–1.55)1.19 (1.13–1.25)<0.0001
  • *HRs from all cohorts were pooled using a fixed-effects meta-analysis.

  • †HRs were adjusted for age (years); ethnicity (Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, or Asian); smoking status (never, past, current [1–14, 15–24, or ≥25 cigarettes/day], or missing); alcohol intake (0, 0.1–4.9, 5.0–14.9, or ≥15.0 g/day for women, and 0, 0.1–4.9, 5.0–29.9, or ≥30.0 g/day for men); multivitamin use (yes or no); physical activity (<3, 3.0–8.9, 9.0–17.9, 18.0–26.9, ≥27.0 metabolic equivalents of task-hours/week, or missing); a family history of diabetes (yes or no); menopausal status and postmenopausal hormone use (premenopause, postmenopause [never, past, or current hormone use], or missing, for women); oral contraceptive use (never, past, current, or missing, for NHS II); total energy intake (kcal/day); modified aHEI score (fifths), baked, boiled or mashed potatoes (for french fries), and french fries (for baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes).